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Current Productions 

Mamma Mia on Stage 
April 26,to May 5,2024

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It’s Sophie’s wedding and you are invited. Now to find a dad to walk her down the aisle! Her mission tofind her father uncovers three very different candidates from her mother Donna’s past. All therepossible dads return to the Greek paradise where theyfirst met Donna and...


A story of love, laughter and friendship told through twenty-two of Abba’s greatest hits. See theultimate feel good musical, Mama Mia !

Evening Shows (8:00 pm): 

  • Fri, April 26

  • Sat, April 27

  • Thurs, May 2

  • Fri, May 3

  • Sat, May 4

Matinee Shows (2:00 pm):

  • Sun, April 28

  • Sat, May 4

  • Sun, May 5

Mamma Mia 
Production & Cast Details

Production Team:

Producers:  Michael Buchert, Jason Farrell 

Director:  Gillian Rodrigue

Music Director:  Kevin Little

Choreographer:  Jenny Poulin 

Stage Manager:  Ann DeNardis-Tomcko

Assistant Stage Managers: Laura Gilmour Hachey, Ian Beckles

Light Design:  John Dalgliesh

Sound Design:  Greg Salisbury

Costume Designer:  Lisa Arrigo

Set Design:  Gloria Buchert and Lawrence Gryniewski

Set Painting Lead: Charlotte Koo - Harris

Properties:  Kim Wilhelm, Adrienne Roman

Program Design: Michele Hope

Technical Support: Tom Hope

Projection Design: Tom Hope, Michael Buchert

Make-up Design:  Jane Vogel

Costume Assitants Construction: Anne Witkowski, Carmen Gillespie

Vocal Leader: Katy Scott

Dance Captains: Laura Frutti, Katy Scott

Lighting Operator: Lindsay Murray

Follow Spot Operators: Mary Lynn Merklinger, Shawn Moore

Projection Operator: Meeghan Nolasco

Poster Design: Karen Walker

Photography: Alexandra Reid, Sam Moffatt, 

Andrew Former, Dana Benadova

Front of House Manager: Denise Florin

Advertising and Promotion: Alexandra Reid, Michael Buchert, 

Katie Prestage

Cast List:

Donna Sheridan - Allison Colosimo

Tanya - Esther Raday

Rosie - Connie Theos

Harry Bright - Stuart LeFevre

Bill Austin - Noel Fernandes

Sam Carmichael - Dany Savard

Sophie Sheridan - Meagan MacPherson

Ali - Lindsay Stocks

Lisa - Summer Saiegh Mihail

Sky - Bryce Lynas

Pepper - Nicholas Youngblood

Eddie - Mikaël Bennett

Father Alexandrios - Alex Bodnar

Chorus - Ensemble

(islanders, wedding guests, Taverna workers)

Andrea Beebe Clark

Mikaël Bennett

Alex Bodnar

Naomi Bolastig

Laura Frutti

Tom Gallagher

Shreya Jacob

Donna Kern

Joe Khan

Charli Kidby

Anna Klymenko

Stephanie Kolitsopoulos

Tinniyah McIntosh

Jazmine Moore

Nicole Padilla

Andrew Parent

Katie Prestage

Rebecca Ramnarace

Joana Reale

Jessica Ruschka

Linnea Sander

Serena Schindell

Katy Scott

Candice Sheehan

Cecelia Sheehan

Nicole Smieja

Diane Spence

Vickie Sprenger

Michael Sumbler

Braya Williams

Nicholas Youngblood

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