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Who We Are

Theatre Unlimited is a community-based musical theatre group established in 1988. The group is committed to supporting the arts and culture in the City of Mississauga by entertaining the community with quality musical theatre productions. Part of the Encore Series, Theatre Unlimited is one of five groups that showcases a musical production annually at Meadowvale Theatre.


We have entertained Mississauga residents with many familiar and family-friendly shows such as Fiddler on the Roof, Oliver, Beauty and the Beast, Annie, Sound of Music, Disney''s The Little Mermaid, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and our current production of Mamma Mia.

In addition to producing a musical production each year, Theatre Unlimited is committed to offering residents an inclusive and family-friendly, community theatre organization in which to become involved. We invite residents to join the group to learn new skills, and foster their creative talents. For every production, we invite new members to become involved to perform on stage and work behind the scenes.

Theatre Unlimited operates year-round as a charitable not-for-profit corporation.

Charitable Registration # 842372872 RR0001


Board of

Group AGM
Reports, Bylaws & Policies

Our mission is to develop a self-sufficient community-based group which nurtures the creative talents of our members. Our goal is to provide quality theatre in an atmosphere that promotes personal development and fun for all people while entertaining and educating our community.  We strive to produce a creative environment that is welcoming, safe, inclusive and equitable.

Theatre Unlimited values its members and believes that the strength of our group is a direct reflection of our Board of Directors.


We are very appreciative of all their efforts. It would be impossible to keep this group going without their talents.


Chair/President: Michael Buchert

Vice-Chair/Vice-President: Tom Hope

Treasurer: Brenda Barthelmes

Secretary and Privacy Director: Mary Lynn Merklinger

Properties Director: Lawarence Grynewski

Costumes Director: Lisa Arrigo 

Resident Music Director: Kevin Little 

Technical Director: Lawrence Grynewski

Group Development and Promotions Director: Monique Armstrong

Statistics Director: Jason Farrell

Membership and Archives Director: Gloria Buchert

Website Director: Michael Buchert / Outsourced Support

Inclusivity Director: Katie Prestage

Social Media Director: Michael Buchert / Katie Prestage

Fundraising Director: Vacant

Sponsorship Director: Vacant

Education Director: Vacant 

Advertising Director: Vacant

Advisory Roles:

Policy and Legal Volunteer Consultants - J.A. Prestage

and Lisa Goodmurphy


For more information about these exciting Volunteer

Vacancy Opportunities:

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