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News Release: Diversity and Inclusivity Statement of Support

July 5, 2020

Diversity and Inclusivity Statement of Support

At Theatre Unlimited Performing Arts (TUPA), our mission is to develop a self-sufficient community-based group which nurtures the creative talents of our members. Our goal is to provide quality theatre in an atmosphere that promotes personal development and fun for all people while entertaining and educating our community. At TUPA, we strive to produce a creative environment that is welcoming, safe, inclusive and equitable.

In light of recent events across the world impacting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) communities, we recognize that our community's diversity remains an area of focus.

As we work on our post COVID-19 recovery plans, the TUPA Board of Directors will continue to think critically to further promote diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our volunteer-run organization.

We welcome input and feedback from members of the Theatre Unlimited family and the broader theatre community as we continue to listen, learn and work together. We invite you to reach out to us by email at theatreunlimited@bell.net.

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