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Announcing Our Cast for Curtains

Announcing the cast of our April 2019 production of Curtains - congrats to all!

Lieutenant Frank Cioffi: Rick Schiralli

Niki Harris: Candice Sheehan

Georgia Hendricks: Cheyenne Harvey

Carmen Bernstein: Gina Patricio

Aaron Fox: Keith O'Connell

Sidney Bernstein: Jason Riedel

Christopher Belling: Reid Mowat

Bambi Bernét: Meagan MacPherson

Daryl Grady: Cory Sheehan

Johnny Harmon: David Brown

Oscar Shapiro: Tom Hope

Bobby Pepper: To Be Confirmed

Jessica Cranshaw: Delta Marando

Sasha Iljinsky: Kevin Little

Male Ensemble (roles otherwise to be assigned):

Nicholas Gryniewski (Randy Dexter), Cory Sheehan, Arjun Singh

Female Ensemble (roles to be assigned):

Jaime Brown, Kelsey Faulkner, Janet Hurley, Delta Marando, Barb Slater, Alice Soon

Auditions will be held in the fall for additional ensemble members (4 female and 4 male). Stay tuned for details!!

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