January 2010 at Meadowvale Theatre, Mississauga

Director: Gloria Buchert

Assistant Director: Gillian Rodrigue

Choreographer: Kris Light

Music Director: Jan Stapleton

Stage Manager: David Charchalis

Producer: Michael Buchert

Assistant Producer: Stephen Froom

Cast List:

Rose: Maria De Palma

Herbie: Andrew Jackson

Louise: Candice Sheehan

Baby Louise: Katie Prestage

Dainty June: Elizabeth Amos

Baby June: Olivia Dreschel

Toreadorables/Hollywood Blondes: Helena Dreschel, Elizabeth So, Shannon Graham, Reighan Jackson, Danica Banka, Kimberly Guidolin

Newsboys: Nigel Navgiri, Lorenzo Dimanno, Bailey Fenton

Tulsa/Farm Boy/Show Boy: Adam Dolson*

Angie/Farm Boy/Show Boy/George: Jeff Mendonca

Yonkers/Farm Boy/Show Boy: Robert McNeilly

LA/Farm Boy/Show Boy: Zach Hehn

Weber/Pastey/Announcer/Bourgeron-Cochon/Chorus: Tony Barton

Renee/Chorus: Janette Williams

Chorus: Val Barton

Tessie/Chorus: Adriana Mauro

Mazeppa/Chorus: Gillian Rodrigue

Electra/Chorus: Ginny Metcalfe

Miss Cratchit/Chorus: Joanne Finlay

Uncle Jocko/Phil/Announcer/Mr. Goldstone/Chorus: Stephen Froom

Pop/Cigar/Announcer/Chorus: Bruce Teel

Chowsie 1: Mikko Buchert

Chowsie 2: Minnie Buchert

Chowsie 3: Axle Metcalfe-Foster

*Adam Dolson appears courtesy of the Canadian Actors Equity Association

Reviews and Press:, Troupe tells tale of the ultimate stage mom, by Chris Clay

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Gypsy - 2010
Gypsy - 2010

Baby Louise and the News Boys

Gypsy - 2010
Gypsy - 2010

Dainty June and the Farm Boys

Gypsy - 2010
Gypsy - 2010

Rose and Herbie

Gypsy (10 of 14)-X3
Gypsy (10 of 14)-X3

Mazeppa, Electra and Tessie

Gypsy - 2010
Gypsy - 2010

Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy - 2010
Gypsy - 2010

Rose and Louise

Gypsy - 2010
Gypsy - 2010


Gypsy - 2010
Gypsy - 2010

Dainty June

Gypsy - 2010
Gypsy - 2010