January 2013 at Meadowvale Theatre, Mississauga

Director: Gloria Buchert

Music Director: Jan Stapleton

Choreographer: Lori Hall

Stage Manager: David Charchalis

Producers: Michael Buchert, Adam Dolson

Cast List:

Major-Domo: Kimberly Koumbiadis

Sally Durant Plummer: Claire Prendergast

Young Sally: Emily Hastings-Speck

Francesca: Melanie Baril

Christine Donovan: Libby Toogood

Willy Wheeler: Doug Wilson

Stella Deems: Gillian Rodrigue

Max Deems: Tom Hope

Heidi Schiller: Susan Wray Toogood

Meredith Lane: Jennifer Higgins

Roscoe: Kirk De Palma

Dee Dee West: Maria Moore

Hattie Walker: Sharon Nimmo

Emily Whitman: Nancy Reed

Theodore Whitman: Brian Wray

Solange La Fitte: Ginny Metcalfe

Carlotta Campion: Linda Spence

Phyllis Rogers Stone: Maria De Palma

Benjamin Stone: Rob Gorican

Young Phyllis: Sarah DaCunha

Young Ben: David Barnwell

Buddy Plummer: Clive Lacey

Young Buddy: David Grimason

Dimitri Weismann: Don Berns

Kevin: Troy DeFour

Young Heidi: Kimberley Dollimore

Ensemble: Vanessa Azzopardi, Tony Barton, Val Barton, Eunice Borges, Tim Clahane, Elena Holowitz, Sarah Hope, Lori Koenen, Marlene McMahon, Alice Soon, Michael Sumbler


Reviews and Press:

Ontario Arts Review, "Follies", revealing life's marital folly's, by Danny Gaisin

Mississauga News, Theatre Unlimited takes a gamble on Follies, by David Paterson

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